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Thelma Plum Releases ‘Monsters’ EP

Thelma Plum came out swinging last year with the release of her debut EP, Rosie and an accompanying sold out tour. Still in her teens, Thelma has changed her sound completely with the release of Monsters. Produced by M-PHAZES (Eminem, Kimbra), Thelma has left her acoustic guitar behind and replaced it with a full band who will also accompany her on a tour kicking off tonight! The simple and raw emotion expressed by Thelma shows maturity well beyond her 19-year-old self.

Opening on title track Monsters (which fans may recognise some lyrics from), Thelma sets the tone for what shapes up to be a Lana Del Ray-esque EP. The ballad opens up a much more revealing side to Plum, while Rosie was full of “fuck you”‘s, Monsters appears to be much more emotional. I was however slightly disappointed that this song was the only one to feature the word “fuck”, especially after the last EP.

Suddenly you’re hit with Young In Love, a ballad which is just as emotional as the first detailing Thelma’s struggle with change. “Just a boy with a knife, you were stabbing right at my heart”, lyrics which take me back to Rosie’s King or Breathe In Breathe Out. The way that Plum is able to capture feelings which everyone faces is truly incredible. While most pop musicians are often too scared to delve this far into true thoughts and emotions, Thelma doesn’t hesitate.

Then it’s that song that you’ve heard every time you turn Triple J on, How Much Does Your Love Cost. The western guitar riff and rattlesnake percussion is something that very few people can pull off. But the catchy hooks in the chorus save it from what to me looked like it could have been a disaster if Thelma wasn’t careful.

The fourth and final track, Candle¬†should be the next single from this release. It sums up Thelma’s music so well in a short three and a half minutes and tells the most beautiful tale of Plum’s heartbreak. Closing out the EP on this track was easily one of the best decisions this young artist has ever made!

While it lasts no longer than 15 minutes, the time would have to be the only downfall of Monsters. This was one of the only releases that I legitimately wanted to hear more of, it’s certainly a stand out of the year for me and secures Thelma Plum’s place in this industry. Plum’s tour kicks off tonight in Sydney before hitting Melbourne and Brisbane with her full band.

One comment on “Thelma Plum Releases ‘Monsters’ EP

  1. missmusicbiz
    July 4, 2014

    Well written review Darcy, very proud of you. I agree about Candle.

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